Saturday, January 23, 2010

Massachusetts Miracle

I know the vote is over, I know the miracle occured, but I found this video tonight, that actually brought tears to my eyes.
I have such love for George Washington, for the other Founding Fathers, that the message here went straight to my heart.

Pray for more miracles in the coming weeks and months, the Lord wants to help, but we have to ask.


Rick Carpenter said...

That's awesome! I'm seeing this year shape up much like the 1994 mid-term election, when Clinton took a whoopin' in Congress over his ultra-liberal agenda that nobody wanted. And I find it ironic and sad, and a little bit embarrassing, that we have a pseudo-Mormon leading the Senate in this push toward socialism. It's a shame to think that if we were to have to fight again for our freedom, we might be fighting 'insiders'.
I enjoy your posts. You are much more tactful than I am!

Audra MacK said...
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Audra MacK said...

Thanks Jeanetta for pulling me out of my abyss so frequently. I have to find a way for the 'distractions' to not get in the way of our purpose and make us complacent. Irritating for sure. I guess that's what many of us are struggling with.

jenheadjen said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing!