Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The End of Camelot

Well, the people of MA have spoken, and they have united their voices in opposition to the Marxists in the White House, and also to the communist who had held their state seat for over 40 years. I can only say Hallelujah!

However, let's not delude ourselves and think that Scott Brown is "The Answer." We don't know the man well enough yet, and anyone who poses nude is suspect to me. That being said, he seems conservative, genuinely so.

We, many of us, have prayed for redress, and there is the hope that Scott Brown is the first answer of many to those prayers. We must keep up the fight however, this is only one election, and it's very early in the 2010 election year to rest on our laruels; please don't become complacent, thinking that you can rest because there is enough outrage out there without you; It's not true! We need every Patriot, every soccer mom, every security mom, and all the dads too, to continue to speak up and fight back.

I was watching Fox's Neil Cavuto this afternoon before leaving the house, and he had on Billionaire Mort Zuckerman. Mr. Zuckerman was an Obama voter, who now has come to understand we've been duped, and that Obama has it all wrong. The article link is here for your perusal; enjoy, and remember to pray for more miracles for and in behalf of our Republic.

The Daily Beast


Rick Carpenter said...

The king is dead! Long live the kingdom! Now let's get the 'queen'! (Pelosi)

mommyx12 said...

"Now lets get the queen," for a moment there I was wondering if you meant Hillary!! But Pelosi works too. I'm all for bringing them down.

Audra MacK said...

Good counsel, my dear good friend. Miss and love you! Good stuff!