Monday, January 25, 2010

Founding Fathers Rejoice

Here is an article I'd like to share this morning. Some will dismiss it because it's from a Fox News opinion writer, but that would be a mistake. The author brings up some really good points favoring the "little guy," which the left claims to champion.
I'm not saying that we are out of the woods on this particular issue, I can see potential problems with a company like GM donating money to a candidate. However, we as "the People" have been lazy over the last generation, and have let advertisments (money) sway our decisions. It's our job, our obligation to do the work to vet a candidate ourselves; an issue ourselves. There may be oodles of money floating around, but we need to take a hard look, and only vote for someone who shares our values and our goals as closely as possible.

We also need to be very, very concerned when a sitting president threatens the Supreme Court. Socialism will not stand for dissent, the opposition will be vilified at all costs, and eliminated if possible. Be watchful.

Please read the article, the link is below.

Founding Father's Smiling