Monday, April 26, 2010

"A Republic...If you can Keep it"

Benjamin Franklin's words are never more dear than today, when we are losing freedoms at an alarming pace.
Below is a 10  minute video tutorial on our form of government; please take a few minutes to watch.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I didn't really set off fireworks, but this is how we "celebrated" this year's "Earth Day"; every light that was available was turned on. I like the glow :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Somehow the link to Mr. Hare's incompetence has hit a snag, so I'm reposting. Please feel free to leave comments-something that Blogger turned off on this post previously.

Here is a classic. Mr. Phil Hare, amazingly from Illinois doesn't seem to know or CARE what the Constitution says.

This man is incompetent; he is a disgrace to his party and to his country!

False Idols

My friend Donna had a brilliant thought this morning. Here is what she said:

“I suspect Earth Day is a modern "golden calf," designed not to suggest the good ole principle of stewardship, which I'm all for, but to lead people, by their worship of the earth, to the trough where Al Gore and the like wait to take folk's money. Think Cap and Trade, global climate, and etc scams.”
Donna is on to something!

The first Earth Day, April 22, 1970 was by some accounts, a good thing. Since then, smog levels have dropped, lead levels have dropped, and water is cleaner. Make no mistake; these are positive outcomes to a worthy idea.

But, that's about where it ends.
If you fast forward to today, the idea has become twisted and hopelessly political.

We have eco-terrorists; we have mandates; heck we can even buy absolution with "carbon credits", paying for indulgences like we pay for gas.

I’ve pondered this before, but it wasn’t until Donna mentioned the Golden Calf that it came together for me.
Just as the ancient Israelites turned to the golden calf, people have turned to “Mother Earth” in their quest for spiritual fulfillment; taking care of your mother is a good thing, right?

Eco-Nuts, or as my friend Julie says, “Earth Muffins” are people who have turned away from the One True God, in order to worship something else; something that unlike the golden calf, actually does have merit; who doesn’t think clean air and clean water are important? That’s where the confusion come in.

Those of you, who read this blog, know of my firm and deep conviction that our Constitution is a divine document, inspired by God for the temporal governance of His children while sojourning on earth.
With that in mind, I also admit to the equally firm and deep conviction that Satan will do whatever he can, however he can, to distract us from the true path that is life’s purpose.
Knowing that God wants us to look to Him, and none other, Satan has used “earth worship” as just one tactic to distract people from the truth.
Using something "good" for his evil designs.

The Children of Israel, sans Moses, lost their focus, and while Moses was busy, made a golden idol; much like the earth worshippers have done today.
Everywhere you turn, someone is reminding you to “Save the Planet”, “Go Green”, “Tread Gently”, or any number of other catchy slogans designed not only to get your attention, but make you feel guilty if you ignore them.

Here’s the deal. This earth is God’s footstool, given as a gift and a home for His children. Nothing is going to happen to this planet until God himself deems that it’s time. Don’t get me wrong, there is a climate change happening, but it’s not manmade, nor does man have any control over it; to assume so is downright arrogant.

We also know, from recent revelations that climate change science is based on faulty, flawed and deceptive “science”, and now wears the moniker “Climategate.” How appropriate.
They have swindled and cajoled, lied and cheated, frightened and bullied, to get their golden calf on the altar of every household in the world; some have placed that calf at the head of the home, and worship it daily and devoutly, and I’m not here to doubt their sincerity; I believe them to be fooled, but that is another argument for another day. There are also those who, like Algore, have a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality, and hope to get rich off the scheme; and they are, by all accounts.

Yet what would our world, our country, our selves be like if we could all put Christ back into His proper place?
What kind of a people would we be? What kind of nation would we be?

So, for this 40th anniversary of Earth Day, I give you a challenge: banish the Golden Calf of climate change, and let the fear and the anxiety manufactured by the Progressives and the Eco-Nuts go; return to your Savior; pray for guidance and understanding for your role in His plan. Make the next year on earth, an “Earth Year”, a year your sojourn on earth takes on the meaning it was meant to.
Follow Christ, live like He would have youlive; the sky is NOT falling, you are NOT killing the polar bears by driving your SUV, you are NOT making a negative impact on the earth because you want a large family.

If you must do something for the earth fine,wonderful, but know it’s because you are a good and responsible person, not because you are guilty and afraid.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Light in the Darkness

I've been away much lately; I wish I could say I have been reading good things. I've mostly been reading the news and posting, frantically some days it seems, to Facebook.

There is much going on in the world today, and most of it isn't good news.
We have a health care boondoggle that will, given time to come to fruition, bankrupt our country; we have a president who is Marxist; we have double digit unemployment numbers; we have a society that shuns God, but embraces immorality and evil. These are depressing facts no doubt, but there is a way out; there is light amid the darkness.

That light is education.

The time is coming, and is not far distant when our home libraries will be the only source of truth available. "Newspeak" is already taking place in a textbook near you. Attempts to rewrite history are already underway-how many times do you still here that Bush is to blame for this, or for that?

My challenge to you, whether you homeschool or not, is to gather great books; starting with your Scriptures, gather Original Source materials. Get the journals of our Founding Father's; get copies of the Federalist Papers; collect books that have valiant characters and good examples for your children and grandchildren to look up to, to emulate; characters from history and fiction alike. Gather contemporary books from authors you trust, those who speak the truth.

In my Church we talk a lot about being self sufficient and about Provident Living, but I want to express to you my sincere belief that we will need to have "food storage for our brains" as well as sustenance for our bodies.
It's not enough to sit around watching American Idol or Dancing with the Stars as a family, however fun these may be; we MUST buckle down and do the hard stuff. We must teach ourselves and our children who we really are; what this Country was founded on, and why. The battle for the hearts and minds of our families is real, the assault on morality and goodness rages on. Progressivism is a cancer than can only be vanquished with truth.

Set aside an evening a week to read something wonderful; read "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" by Longfellow, read about George Washington; read about Moses and Joseph; for those of you who are LDS, read about Nephi and Mosiah. If you're having Scripture study either alone or as a family, I commend you. If you're not, what's stopping you?

Those of you who are LDS remember Elder Oaks talk Good, Better, Best.

It's time to choose what path you will take.