Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Love of Reading

I recently read an article by Karl Rove, about a reading contest he has had the last three years with President Bush. It made me realize that I need to read more. One year Rove read 110 books!! ONE HUNDRED TEN!! I'm feel lucky if I finish three or four in a twelve month period.

There is no way I can read 110 books this year,( or, let's be honest--ANY year!) but I could read 24. I could turn off the TV, spend less time on the Internet, and READ! I love to read. I want to read. I want to expand my mind. I doubt much of it will be fiction, but who knows. The idea will be to read whatever suits my fancy at the time, and keep myself a small notebook of what I read. My goal will be to read 24 books this year, that's two per month. I will also be reading in my Book of Mormon daily, and my Sunday School and Seminary lessons as well.

It's not going to be easy, I'm not kidding myself there. But we DO homeschool; reading aloud to the kids can be part of what I'm reading. I really want to do this.

So I hereby make a proposal; a reading contest of sorts. Anyone want to play? I won't be keeping track or anything, and I won't know if you don't make your goal, but make one! Even if it's only to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover, DO IT!

Let me know if you like, tell me what you are reading.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thoughts on Mothering

I'm sitting here listening to my teens giggle and laugh with friends. I realize the fact that they are home, playing games (CLUE tonight) with friends is, in itself, an anomaly in our day and age. I so enjoy hearing them laugh and giggle.
I have three children left at home. I'm going to miss this. I'm not ready to be an "empty-nester", and as my nest empties I long for the days when they were young. I think in my "busy young mother" days I missed a lot. How many days did I hurry them off to bed? How many times did I dismiss something their little mouths were telling me? How often did I fall into bed and not look back?
Please don't do this. When someone tells you "they grow up so fast": Believe them! Despite the fact you may be changing diapers every half hour, it will not always be so--I promise! The drudgery that you feel from time to time will abate, and you will be left with only what you have cultivated.
Cherish this time; it's worth every crazy, busy moment.

Just my thoughts on this soggy winter night.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

I have intentionally not posted for a few weeks because I couldn't say anything nice; it is Christmas after all and I didn't want to ruin the spirit :)

I haven't wanted to be grumpy during this beautiful season.

I have been trying to think about my Savior. IT IS His birthday we are celebrating. Have we given Him a gift? Have we been less selfish? Less prideful? Less greedy? Less grumpy (I didn't post because I was grumpy!)?

There is SO very much to be worried and grumpy about to be sure. But let's put that aside for now; let's let the spirit of Christmas wash over us, and help us feel safe and secure for just a little while.

In that Spirit, I do have something to write about.

Yesterday in Church a lady gave a talk on giving. I know, it seems a "no brainer", and an "easy" talk to give at Christmas. Despite that, it made me teary. She talked about not having been able to feel the Christmas Spirit. Her house was in tumult because her daughter and son-in-law finally found a house, and were moving out. Her Christmas decorations were buried under said daughter and son-in-laws "stuff" in the garage. She just was grumpy and to top it off, her mom needed to go to Costco. Because we've had the miracle of snow here in Oregon, she didn't want to drive. So the good Sister took her mom to Costco, and not especially willingly. They shopped, they had lunch, they talked.
It was a gift she hadn't planned on giving.

She said that all her siblings who live out of state have been calling HER to find out "What does Mom want"? My friend said that all her mom REALLY wants is time. Time with her family. Time with loved ones and friends. In other words, nothing she or any of them could buy.

Not coincidentally, this matches up with the type of gifts we can give the Savior. We can serve selflessly. We can offer our shoulders. We can complain less, and do more.
The Lord asks much of us, but gives us strength in the doing. The more we do for the Kingdom, the stronger and more capable we become.
It's my hope and my prayer that we can, in this fearful, socialistic time that's headed our way (see, I couldn't do it!!), be calm. That we will remember the Lord is in charge. If we can remember that, then we can let go, and try to serve our fellowman more freely. Remember Jacob Marley's words to Ebeneezer Scrooge--"MANKIND was my business". I highly recommend watching the movie of "A Christmas Carol". Any version will do, but I love the Patrick Stewart version. Watch Scrooge change, then find ways to change and grow also.
We'll be watching tomorrow night, care to join us?