Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 Days

OK, so there are 10 days left until the inauguration of the 44Th President of the United States of America. 10 Days.

The day I have been dreading is around the corner. I think I'm going to buy some black balloons and arm bands. It's the least I can do for our Republic.

This man is proposing more spending; that we can "spend our way out of this."(He actually said this!) His immaturity and lack of experience are not only glaring, but seem to be a gaping wound. He is appointing reruns from past administrations to hide this severe weakness. So much for "Change We Can Believe In."

On a silly side note, Ben and Jerry's ice cream has named a new ice cream--or rather re-named one. "Yes! Pecan." Yawn. Also, have you noticed the new Pepsi logo? It looks remarkably like the "O" from campaign posters. Subliminal advertising? Probably. Pepsi is a heavy supporter of the homosexual agenda, and Obama is on that bandwagon.

The liberal left is just giddy over their supposed messiah. They are foaming at the mouth that those on the far right--Me for example, are nowhere NEAR excited. How can we be? The tax, spend, tax, spend crowd just got their way. This is not, NOT change.

The only REAL change I have seen recently is the change in the fortunes of everyday Americans. Our current president has bailed out just about anyone who whined. Don't get me wrong, I voted for W, and I would most likely do it again, but I am extremely less than happy with his current solutions to the pressing issues.While he was far and away the superior choice over Gore or Kerry; he has gotten a little fiscally irresponsible. You can't please all of the people all of the time, and he seems to want to.

The government now owns many of our banks, our auto industry, and today I read about a newspaper in I believe it was CT that the state owns. Seems they needed a handout to stay operational. It USED to be called "out of business" if you didn't make a product that enough people wanted, or wanted to pay your price for. Today the government will take care of you. Don't look for that little newspaper to be objectively reporting the news on bailouts, auto industry dealings, local or state government. They aren't going to bite the hand that feeds them.

Obama and his minions will only make it worse. The man is a socialist/marxist. The most liberal senator EVER has been elected to the highest office in the land. How could we have let this happen?
Part of it stems from that not biting the hand that feeds you thing. Obama has promised the moon, and people want it
It reminds me of an email I received recently. It talked of a teacher who decided the best way to teach her class about the election was to hold a mock election in her room. The kids made posters, had to have a platform etc.
Candidate #1 had some good ideas, and was very popular.
Candidate #2 had some fair ideas, and was less popular.
Candidate #2 decided to add to his platform that he would make sure that ice cream was served every day at lunch; free to everyone.
He never explained how he would pay for it, or how it would be accomplished; he just knew he needed a carrot.
Election day came, and Candidate #2 won! By the promise of giving something he knew they wanted(nevermind he had no idea how to supply it) the children decided he was the better candidate. HE would give them what they desired.

I saw a news clip of a woman who was just in tears she was so happy Obama had won. She said wouldn't have to worry any more about how to pay the mortgage, or buy groceries.
Excuse me?? Is she planning for him to come and write her a check??
Sadly, they think he is the savior. With all the scandals that are brewing around him, hopefully they will see that he isn't. That he is immature and inexperienced, and we won't have to put up with him for two terms.


Ritsumei said...

Oh so sadly true. I keep hoping that the Supreme Court will make him show his real birth certificate, and that may give us something of a reprieve: the only reason that I can think of for him to be so terribly secretive about it is because he is in fact NOT qualified. But I'm truly not holding my breath on that one. Everyone else has rolled over for him. Why not the high court too?

Audra MacKenzie said...

Well said. I have had the amazing experience of being shown some of the BLESSINGS of living in this time. Thank goodness that we are AWAKE!!! I am soooo not looking forward to what we will go through, but I have been shown that I can, really can, trust the Lord that when he says (through his Prophets) that this is the best time to live that he in fact means it and will be with us every step of the way. One of the tools that satan has found efective against me in the past is to make me feel alone. That no one will go through all this with me and I have realized that that is a completely lie. Like minded people are banding together and will accomplish the will of the Lord. And unlike the past, we will ALWAYS have the gospel. That is partially because there will be more than poor Mormon and Moroni left. We can do this! Not just becasue we have to but because we are ABLE! It is in our spiritual DNA to endure this well! And we can do it with cheerfulness if we just trust HIM. This is part of his plan. Nothing changed. Maybe just happened sooner than we wished. Sometime not in my lifetime would have been good. But we have the most wonderful reward ahead of us. We really can do this. You, incredible Jeanetta, are going to do this amazingly, because that is who you are!