Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sad Day for America

Today our elected officials have robbed us, and our posterity of their future financial security and numerous freedoms as well.
The great French political economist Fredric Bastiat, in his work "The Law," calls taxation "legalized plunder". After today I know fully what he means. The Stimulus Package was passed in all it's bloody glory.
This will not be a good thing for this country. This will not be a good thing for the rest of the world. Socialism marches forward.

Two good things may come from this however: When it fails, no Republicans will be culpable, and therefore able to remind them they asked for a better way, and it will be a lightning rod for the Democarts, their constituents will hopefully complain in droves.
This indeed could bode well for Conservatives everywhere.

NO Republicans voted for this egregious trampling of our Liberties, and eleven of the Democrats also saw reason.

Please write to them. 177 Republicans voted no; it may be too hard to write to EACH of them, but write to YOURS, or better yet, CALL them. The White House Switchboard number is 202-224- 3121. Then, Please, call ALL of the Democrats as well!! We have to let them know they did the right thing. It can be a form letter, a call, whatever, but THANK THEM! They did good, and need to be reminded.

Obama thinks because he won the election that it means everyone is ready to play his game.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
He won the election because: 1.) It was a vote against Bush, and 2.) He's Black.

If you take the very large percentage of blacks and Hispanics who voted FOR Proposition 8 in California, it will give you some idea of the magnitude of the problem. Blacks and Hispanics came out in overwhelming numbers to vote FOR Obama. They also vote in overwhelming numbers to uphold the sanctity of Marriage between a man and a woman. This leads me to the conclusion that just because they wanted a black man in the Oval Office, it doesn't mean they agree with him. So, Obamas supposition that because he won everyone else needs to do it his way is the biggest fallacy on the planet at present--aside of course from Al Gore's scare tactics, but that's another post, for another day :)

So my request to everyone is to please write. Write to every Democrat who voted no. Write to your Republican representative. Thank them for their common sense and ask them to stay the course.
The eleven Democrats are listed below. These should be hot links to their own pages.
Allen Boyd, Bobby Bright, Jim Cooper, Brad Ellsworth, Parker Griffith, Paul Kanjorski, Frank, Kratovil, Walt Minnick, Collin Peterson, Heath Shuler, Gene Taylor

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