Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day of Mourning

It's done. He's in.

I've been in mourning all day. This feels like the death of the Republic, and I'll keep saying it--the man is a socialist.

I read a snippet this evening of a blog on Fox News. Obama said in a speech Sunday that he "is as hopeful as ever the United States will endure." What exactly did he mean by endure? We we on our way out? Were we thinking of becoming part of Canada? If he has his way though, it will no longer be the Republic we know and love. "Endure" will have a new meaning.

We will have a Socialist Democracy; a strong-arming central government that metes out praise or punishment for a variety of circumstances, enacts laws designed to further the governments agenda, and tax us until we bleed.

It's not supposed to BE this way. We are supposed to have a Federal government, not a National government.

A Federal government means the majority of power is vested in the States; more precisely "We the People." The State makes it's own laws; the people vote on decisions that reflect their values in their state. The people of the State vote on the laws that decide how the State will govern it's people. If you don't like the governance, you are free to leave; but it is about the People.

A National government is the opposite. The central government makes the decisions via executive order, congressional law or Supreme Court ruling.

In the book I recently finished, "Who Killed the Constitution", it was made very clear that numerous times in our Republic, the Constitution has been whittled away by any combination of the above. It's happened time and again. The downward spiral started some time ago. The difference this time is, that this man will be doing it openly; flagrantly shredding the Constitution. No more "Secret Combinations"; he has appointed several very liberal people for cabinet posts, and they will cram their very liberal agenda on the American people.

I implore everyone reading this to get a copy of the Constitution. READ it. Know what's supposed to be happening. Don't take this coup sitting down. It is up to "We the People" to speak up; to draw as much attention to the plight of the Constitution as we can. I don't know if it can fully be saved, short of throwing all elected officials out and starting over, but something has to change. Something has to wake the American public up.

It's past time to hold our elected officials accountable. They swear to uphold the Constitution. See that they do.


Jay said...

I too have been in a state of mourning over this. I have not watched any clips or read any excerpts from his speech yet, the wound is too fresh I think. I did however see the headline of our local paper that said something about a time to 'remake' America. America doesn't need remaking - it needs repairing via return to virtue, integrity, honesty, and accountability.
For what it's worth, I'm with you. Condolences on the loss of our freedom and our rights.

Tricia said...

I agree whole heartedly. Thanks for putting it so well.

Allens, Inc. said...

That's the thing that floors me: Obama admits to extremely socialist plans for the country, and yet people are STILL going along with him. I don't get it. M. and I have always tried to save a little "for a rainy day." The day Obama was inaugurated he pointed out to me that this rainy day has come...

Jeannetta said...

The rainy day IS here, that's what I believe also.
We have to make enough noise to be heard above the liberal din.
I just keep repeating the Scripture "...if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."