Monday, January 26, 2009

Make the Call

I just got off of the phone with DC! I have never actually CALLED one of my representatives before, but that changed today.

Today the Senate will vote on Tim Geithner’s nomination for Secretary of the Treasury.
Putting partisanship aside, the man should not be confirmed. He has shown a blatant disregard for the law by not paying $34,000 in taxes. That's a LOT of money.

One could argue that the current tax system is not only unfair but also unConstitutional. Let's put that aside; paying taxes is a current law, and we are bound by that law. The man is a cheat, and if confirmed will show people everywhere that:
1.)if you are rich, you can get away with more;
2.) you only have to obey laws you agree with;
3.) that favoritism in Washington has not died
with the current "change."

I urge you to oppose Geithner, and call your senator today, NOW.
To reach the Capitol, call 202-224-3121. Ask the switchboard operator to transfer you to your representative. It really was "so easy."

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