Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I was chastised today by a blog reader who made a comment about my post yesterday regarding Glenn Beck, and the new plan for refounding America.

This reader, a self described progressive Democrat, said I was dead wrong; progressives love this country as much as we (conservatives) “say we do”.

I hope today, to set the record straight; to clarify my comments and to expound a little on what Progressivism really is.

First, I said that Democrats as well as Republicans love this country, but to make no mistake, Progressives want to see the downfall of this great country.
I stand by this comment.

Progressivism, by definition is a plan for reform, egalitarian style. You’ve heard the term “Share the wealth”? That is egalitarianism, leveling the playing field if you will, which is at the heart of progressivism.

Progressives believe that we should all be equal; and cite the Declaration of Independence as proof:
“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal…”

What they are missing, is the word “created”. We ARE all CREATED equal; we have the same rights across the board as the next guy. We have the same opportunities as the next guy.
What we DO with that gift of equality is what sets us apart; makes each of us unique. It’s also what makes us rich or poor, bond or free, contributing or criminal.

Progressivism is lock-step with Communism; it’s one in the same and it’s all about control.

Think about the health care “reform” that will save us from the greedy insurance providers; think about Cap and Trade that will save us from those rising temperatures and those who use incandescent lightbulbs(which we found out yesterday is one of the biggest hoaxes perpetuated on mankind-yes, even bigger than the balloon boy hoax.).
The progressives have taken over our banks and our industry, now they want our health care and our lifestyles.

It isn’t possible to legislate charity or goodwill; it isn’t possible to legislate wealth for the masses, but these things are what Democrats have been after for generations. Progressives want to take it a step further, and not only legislate, but regulate every aspect of our lives; they want to control us.

Progressives want to stifle free speech and dissent. They want to control what you hear and what you read. Cass Sunstein and Arianna Huffington have said so in the last few days. I’ve watched the video and read the transcripts, so don’t try to tell me it’s not being debated.

So, JeanB, I can accept that you are a Democrat, and I’m sure I’d even enjoy a lively discussion with you.
If you are a fiscally responsible Democrat, whose policies are constitutionally sound, I’d even consider voting for you, but do you really want to be a Progressive?
Do you really think controlling the population is a good plan? A Godly plan?
Do you really want to align yourself with those who would overthrow the Constitution?

Nancy Pelosi herself said in a recent press release that objections to the MANDATE to make you buy into the government health care plan are “nonsensical”, that the “power of Congress to regulate health care is essentially unlimited”. That is Communism; think USSR.

Are you sure you want to be part of THAT?

I don’t think that's part of the America that either of us love.


mommyx12 said...

I'll stand by it too. Well said.

Rick Carpenter said...

Very well said. Sounds like you got a taste of what I get from my readers. Not only to the more liberal progressives want all people to be 'equal', but they want animals to be equal with us, too. Truly corrupt, the doctrine of progressivism is.

JeanB said...

I love that you responded to my comment so fully and with such respect - this is too rare in the arena of politics, on all sides.

Obviously we are two people who see things in vastly different lights, and that's cool - no need to create an argument over ideas.

I will say that I do not believe progressivism is at all in lock-step with communism; that progressives do not equate humans with animals; that we do not want to throw away the effort of the individual in favor of socialism; and that no matter what Arianna Huffington says, neither I nor any progressive/liberals I know want to stifle comment or dissent from any quarter.

I enjoy browsing through people's blogs and reading a wide array of ideas - this is why I don't listen to a lot of "liberal" talking heads, because I don't want to hear what I already think. I want to hear what might cause me to think of things from a new perspective, and your blog is one source that provides that.

I pray every day for God to continue to bless each of us, as I'm sure you do as well, and in that at least we have real common ground. :)

Dean said...

I stand with 'Netta. I could disortate for hours about the neuances, but in point of fact, 'Netta is correct about the spectral differences between "progressives" and Libertarians. While one wishes to make the world better by making people behave - the other believes the world will be better when you endorse God's plan of free agency.

Simple to me - liberty or death.