Friday, November 6, 2009

Keeping Up

Well, I've been offline for about a month, we moved, and there is no DSL here. Internet service, being a mid level priority for the breadwinner, finally found us a Verizon wireless modem, so we are back in business. Whew!

Much has happened in the political world, and there is even a glimmer of REAL hope on the horizon.
I'm anxious to get back to talking about the issues of the day.

I would, at this point, hope that everyone is calling and/or writing their representatives, and reminding them that they work for us; remind them their jobs are on the line.
Remember that Socialism, Marxism and the rest never sleep, and that vigilance is required to keep our Republic free.

I heard a quote today from Alcee Hastings, FL 23rd. He said that they would listen to the people who came to the Capital today for the "Emergency House Call" organized by Michelle Bachman; they'd listen to the gripes and complaints, but it wouldn't make any difference in the vote for health care.
Does that sound like he knows who he works for? The arrogance is astonishing.

They really do NOT care what the majority of American's want, and this is NOT about health care. It is about the systematic takeover of the liberties God has granted us, and that our Founding Fathers recognized. Plenty of people have been fooled. Write letters, call your representatives, write the editor of your local paper.
Make some more noise.
Then, in 2010, fire anyone who voted for the stimulus; who voted for the bailouts; who voted for cap and tax, and anyone who votes for socialized medicine. Vote in some new blood, those who hold dear the Founding Documents of this great nation.

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Bonita said...

Yeah! I'm glad you're back! We have been writing letters to our senators etc. but I am having the same feelings about being ignored. These career politicians are really bugging me!