Friday, November 6, 2009

DC Debacle

Nancy Pelosi wants to force a vote tomorrow-Nov. 7th for part one of two votes, comprising the most egregious takeover of American liberties ever.
Health Care, and Cap and Tax. Two very bad plans if you are a liberty loving American; two very promising plans if you are a Socialist/Marxist.

What these two things together will do, is to strangle our liberties. What one doesn't cover the other will.

For Example, under the cap and tax scam, the only kind of Q-tips you will be able to buy is something from organic cotton, flimsily constructed out of some kind of degradeable material(because your carbon footprint is too large as it is), mandated to be too wide to go in your ear in the first place. Now, American ingenuity being what it is, you peel off some of the cotton, so that you can actually clean down in your ear canal, thereby cirumventing the government mandated safety feature.
Then, under the health care scam, if you puncture your eardrum using a Q-tip (that you of course have peeled back to fit into your ear), very likely it wouldn't be covered, because as we all know, you aren't supposed to actually stick a Q-tip  IN your ear; you behaved badly, SOL.

I know this sounds far fetched, but the point is to get  you to think about the ramifications of these horrendous bills. What one bill doesn't cover, the other will.

These bills are not about doing what's right, it's about doing what is expedient for the Marxist agenda-the takeover of every aspect of our lives, and putting it under government supervision; the collapse of captialism.

If you smoke, we all know it's genuinely bad for you, so first you will be taxed even worse than you are now, then, your health care will be less helpful, because you should have known better. You get lung cancer, well, we're sorry, but we're going to take care of someone who is in better shape, someone who hasn't smoked and ruined their lungs in the first place.

You like to leave your thermostat at 70 degrees in the winter? Well get used to the idea that under cap and tax, you will have to not only pay extra for those few degrees of comfort, but you will also likely be subject to having your thermostat remotely turned down for the good of the environment-sort of a share the warmth idea, you can't be comfortable if someone else is chilled; besides, those extra couple of degrees will increase your carbon footprint exponentially, and we can't have that.

These two bill will spell the end of capitalism as we know it in this country; that's the plan. We'll have a new caste system implemented, the Elites, and the rest of us. It happened in the Soviet Union, it happened in Communist Germany, it happens in North Korea and China. They want us to be next.

The election results on Tuesday were a fabulous start, they signal that the country is waking up to the mistakes of 2008, but it alone can't stop the witch and the wizard from trying to work their evil magic, and circumvent the will of the American people.

For the love of all we hold dear, fight back. To paraphrase one of my favorite hymns, we must make the air ring with the music of the telephone bells; the halls hum with the tattoo of shoes on marble floors. We must do what we can to stop this DC debacle, time is running out for all of us.

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Mach Momma said...

Oh My Heck. I am really in trouble because my thermostat is set at 75!
You did a great job with this post Jeannetta,
It's amazing how complacent the American public is with all of this. I feel like my wall has a permanent indentation from my head colliding with it during the past year.