Monday, November 23, 2009

Glenn Beck at the Villages

Please watch this Glenn Beck rally. He was in Florida over the weekend, and gave an impassioned speech, with ideas and plans for taking our country back from the Progressive downward spiral we are on.
There are no doubts that Democrats as well as Republicans love our country, and that each of us wants what's best; please have no illusions that the Progressives feel the same way. They want the complete downfall of our country, we can't let that happen.

There are five parts, please watch them all, it will take about 45 min.

I will be joining Glenn in D.C. in August. Meet me there.

Thanks to for the video feed.


JeanB said...

You are so, so wrong. I am a (self-described) progressive democrat, and we love this country every bit as much as you conservatives say you do. We see the challenges and solutions differently from each other, but for one person - in this case, you, or Glenn Beck - to claim you know what is in the hearts of others - in this case, progressives - is illogical and entirely inaccurate.

gram said...

Good for Glenn! he may just help us save ourselves from those who would destroy this nation!