Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Joke that is Congress

So we've all heard lately of the push to get the goons in D.C. to actually READ the bills that come before them.
Well, guess what, they hired a speed reader, then dismissed him; I can only assume it was because they couldn't UNDERSTAND the guy! My hat's off to him, the actual speed reader, I think it's an incredible talent-I'm a fast reader, but this guy-wow!
However, the incredible poor judgement in bringing the guy in turns my stomach. There is no way that those who need to understand the bill could have with him reading.

Take a look for yourself. The actual reading part comes in at about 1:34 minutes into the clip:

Note the laughter. Rep. Waxman even admitted he had little idea what was in the bill. Now for your information, in case you don't know, the bill he was reading is the "cap and trade" bill. The Hoax that is Global Warming.
I am so angry I could spit nails right now. Where do they get off being so self righteous as to assume they can actually regulate the Heavens, and do it with OUR money???

The economy is in the tank, and getting worse; the "cap and trade" is the darling of the left, and will likely pass; we have government taking over private enterprise; we have terrorists about to take up residence on our shores, and they can't be bothered to actually READ the garbage they are imposing on us!!! Doesn't anyone in Washington CARE that they are violating the Constitution on a very regular basis??

Here's the thing. They are making a mockery of our Constitution. Of our laws and traditions. They are laughing at the Conservatives, and the lovers of the Constitution. They are mocking the very foundation of our country, and all those who have died trying to PRESERVE this nation; all those who we set out to honor this Memorial Day.

We need to turn up the heat; make them sweat. How? I'm not sure, but I know we'll think of something.

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Audra MacK said...

Well said! Love you, love you, love you!!!