Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Letter to the Editor

I wrote a letter to my Senators today, after receiving a form letter claiming a need for Health Care Reform. My full letter follows.

"Dear Senators:

I can appreciate people being without health care, and, having seven children, I can appreciate the costs associated with that health care; we've spent time without health care ourselves.
However, the Constitution does not ALLOW you to be compassionate with my money. There is no place in the Federal Constitution that would grant you the right to redistribute the earnings of my household to give health insurance to someone else.

Do you understand the Constitution AT ALL? Have you EVER read it in it's entirety?
This is a State issue if it's a governmental issue at all, which I do not believe it is.
Government control over medicine is partly to blame for the rising costs, deregulate that if you want to help on a federal level, because I promise you, federal control over medicine is also not enumerated in the Constitution.

Please Senators, do the right thing, and vote this behemoth down. Choose to honor the Constitution instead of your desire for reelection."

Now, this is not a great piece of writing, I don't care. The point is, we need to be writing to them. Flooding their offices with what WE as their employers want. We can't let them brush us aside and go vote their own way. We must hold them accountable.

Feel free to use this as a template if you feel more comfortable, I also sent the exact same letter to two newspapers in my state, as "open letters" to the Senators. One will likely not print it, as they sent a form back thanking me for my submission, and spelling out their guidelines, and they don't "care much" for open letters. Oh well.
Remember to be talking the Constitution, remember to hold it up as the standard by which to judge our elected officials, and vote against those who can't or won't uphold it.


Tricia said...

Great post. The trick though is getting America to vote for only those who uphold the constitution. THAT right there is the problem. Either we are all asleep OR there is something dreadfully wrong with our polls. Or both!

Jeannetta said...

Tricia, I think it's both. People haven't been paying attention much. I think they are beginning to though.
We have to speak up, and help people understand the Constitution. It's not that hard to understand if you have a good dictionary--I'm with you, the 1828 version, and make time, take time. We must take the time to do it. To do the work it takes to understand it. And, that is part of the problem, people weren't taught how to learn in Public School, so they don't get that it's not that hard to work a bit to gain understanding.

Ritsumei said...

Not only are folks not really taught to learn in the public schools, but they are not taught the Constitution, which is criminal! We spent more time on birth control than the Constitution in my "civics" class. Looking back, my teacher was likely very very liberal, based on what she was doing with us. But if the schools are a symptom of the problem, the people are the cause. I was talking to my Mom after I realized how badly public education had failed to prepare me to be a citizen. I said, "Mom, the schools need to teach the Constitution." Her reply? "It's too political. Whose version would they teach?" It's becoming one of the reasons that I plan to homeschool. Everything that I'm struggling to learn about being a responsible citizen, I plan to pass along to my children. It's more than just showing up on voting day, and it's downright hard to figure it all out!

Jeannetta said...

DoriAnn, you are absolutely correct. "Whose version"??? Holy Cow. No offense to your mother, but there is only one version. Maybe you could read it with her?