Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 Census?

The 2010 census is just around the corner...or is it? PLEASE read this, you'll see that they've already started.

Now forgive me for being a bit paranoid, but the reasons given for marking within 40 feet EVERY American home seems a bit freaky; a huge overreach of government power, not to mention several violations of the Constitution.

The article quotes Douglas Gibbs of American Daily Review pointing out that knowing where every front door in the country is has NOTHING whatsoever to do with counting the number of residents who live in that house...NOTHING!

So,why? What could the possible motive or motives be? Mr. Gibbs lays out a few ideas, and all of them I would tend to agree with.
Don't forget, we are nearing a totalitarian government. The Constitution has been so shredded it's alarming. Little attention is paid to the rule of law; in fact, the rule of law now seems to be whatever *they* say it is. Remember, Obama said that he had won, so Republicans had to 'get over it.' He'll do whatever the puppet master tells him to do or say.

Article I. Section.2 spells out the counting of Americans for the purpose of districting:
"The actual Enumeration shall be made within three years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such a Manner as they shall by Law direct."
Counting us, that's it! The End! The tricky part comes in with the caveat of 'in such a manner as they shall by law direct.' The Founding Father's never considered "the evil and conspiring men in the last days."

But they're here, and those same evil and conspiring men will, BY LAW, be able to tag us; to know who we are, what we do, where we go. It's gone way beyond counting heads.
Now, you may say that that's already available, and that is true for the most part. We live on a lonely country road, and google maps doesn't have a good read on us, I've looked it up. But they will. They'll know where we all are, and it wouldn't surprise me if the modern equivalent of the Gestapo shows up to take us away one by one as we continue to disagree.

The whisperings of the Spirit tell me it's OK; it's all in God's hands, and I know this to be true. I just wonder what we'll have to endure before He comes again. What more will this godless society foist upon us. Much I think.
Only time will tell if this is the Mark of the Beast prophesied in Revelations.


Audra MacK said...

I was reading about this too. Scary. Our house in Rifle wasn't on any maps either. I just keep reminding myself to enjoy this time. We have been told that this is the best time to live. Partially because our children/grandchildren were taylor made for it and because they will learn how to work - hard. Also, because in times of trial/harship/oppression people remember God. I think our lives will have an incredible story. We will have the opportunity to live lives with meaning. I'm grateful to have you 'on the watch'. Love you! Miss you. Are there sunnier places in Oregon near you?
Actually, will you stay there long term?

Tricia said...

Very interesting and will take some pondering.

Ritsumei said...

I first learned about this GPS stuff the other day. AFTER the guy had been to my house. Another reason for concern: why is it that folks hear about what's happening only AFTER it's done? Why didn't we hear anything about it when it was under discussion? Maybe because they were careful because they knew that if they let this particular boogy man out of the closet too soon the public would be up in arms? But what the heck are we supposed to do when it's ALREADY DONE? What good will letters ect do now? They've already got the information. I doubt that they'd give it up.

Raspberry Leaf said...

Amen. This really bothers me. I saw them out GPSing a neighborhood the other day. GRRRRr