Monday, October 4, 2010

The Princess and the Peon

I'd like to introduce you to Vancouver,Washington city council member Jeanne Harris. Councilwoman Harris seems to believe that as an elected city council member, she has the right to bully and harass those who came to speak to the city council; even going so far as to tell the Mayor how to conduct the people's business.
Make no mistake, this kind of mentality is what's going on in the minds of those in the federal government as well; remember Barbara Boxer?

If indeed the topic was closed, as it seems it was, this is NOT how you handle the people who elected you.

You and I are no longer looked upon as the boss, but the peon.

I would challenge each of us, myself included, to attend these meetings, get a feel for what's going on; begin reminding those we've elected who's business it is that they are elected to do. If you encounter someone as rude and out of line as councilwoman Harris, do all you can to make it known; this kind of elitist attitude has got to stop.


Audra M said...

Jeanetta, this actually made me cry. Wow. Thank you for posting this. I am really sad.

Audra M said...

That comment sounded really dumb. You are right; we do need to be at our local meetings.