Thursday, October 28, 2010

Muddy Water

On my grandparent's farm, we had a pond. Grandpa dug it with the "CAT", ran pipe from the spring, and we had a swimming hole; extremely appreciated on hot summer days.
If you've ever swum in a "homemade" pond, you know what happens when you get in. The soft mud on the bottom begins to cloud the water; happy feet churning up the silt until there is zero visibility underwater; muddy water.

How, you wonder, does this relate to politics?

Well, think of it this way; candidate A has a plan; candidate B also has a plan; it’s the right plan, but will cause some short term pain. Candidate A is more popular, because he has the more popular message which does not involve any pain; his party is in power. Candidate B miraculously gets elected, agreeing to work in a ‘non partisan fashion’.

Here is where the damage occurs; the clear message has been obstructed.
No longer is candidate B giving us a message that is clearly better for American’s; he’s giving us a compromise.

Now, don’t get me wrong, compromise is good sometimes, it does have a place; just not much of one in politics.
For example, it either IS or IS NOT a good idea to have laws that are Constitutional.
It either IS or IS NOT a good idea to be fiscally responsible.
It either IS or IS NOT a good idea to have limited government.

Do you see? The only thing we’ve gotten with “working across the aisle” is muddy water.
We need clear water, at least 90% visibility; we need to know where our candidates stand, and that they have the integrity and virtue to not compromise their beliefs.
Remember Bart Stupak? “No”, “No”, “No” to health care; a compromise was struck; Stupak voted yes and got burned along with the rest of the American public.

In five days we will cast our votes; please make sure that your choice is a man or woman of integrity and actually means what they say.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like muddy water.

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