Thursday, July 16, 2009

Something to Keep in Mind

I'm re-posting this video; to those who have watched it, I apologize.

I discovered today that Blogger apparently has removed it for "Terms of Use Violations." I thought it might be You Tube, but lo and behold, it's still running there.

Freedom of Speech is guaranteed under our Constitution.

Here is my previous post on The First Amendment.

Make no mistake, they will try to silence those of us who speak out and speak up. It's not politically correct to tell it like it is anymore, but I've made a covenant to be honest in all my dealings, therefore, I can't do anything BUT tell it like it is; myself and others like me will be targeted for our honesty.
I don't say this to sound like a martyr; other's who've gone before me have earned that obeisance. No, I say this because it's going to be all of us who stand up for truth that *they* will want to silence.

Hymn # 243 (and it IS HYMN number, not PAGE number :D ):

"...In the fight for right let us wield a sword, The mighty sword of Truth."
All we can do is tell the truth, but the Adversary can't have us out there exercising out First Amendment Rights; those inspired God given rights.

Now, for clarity, I can't say that this video is 100% accurate; what I want to highlight is the fact that we have the RIGHT to speak, and say what we will. This video represents my personal views, and I have the RIGHT to share that; I honestly believe it to BE true.

My plea is this, Please don't be afraid to speak the truth, no matter what, it's our only hope.


Audra MacK said...

I wonder if mine is still there. I'll have to look. It's a great video. Worth re-watching. Hopefully, we can chat soon. I know you are in the middle of moving. Yuck.

Tricia said...

The wicked find the truth to be hard. And of course we can't be placing a burden on the backs of those who seek to destroy all that is good now can we?? Paul speaks truth for our day when he says wrong will be made right and right to be made wrong. Isn't prophecy wonderful and even more wonderful to be aware of it. Praise the Lord for giving us His word in these latter days so we can be prepared to fight the good fight. Sorry for my bad attitude today. I suppose I shouldn't have read that article just now on foreclosures being up and how bad the economy is. As if I don't know already. Okay, I'm smiling now because I just paid Jeanetta's blog a visit and I know I am not alone in my thoughts!!

Jeannetta said...

I'm glad you're smiling Tricia. I am glad also to have a living Prophet. What a difference it makes in my daily life.
Audra, I'm sorry I missed your call. I would say I'd call you tomorrow, but I have to go and get a copy of my SS card--you know, the one that's NOT to be used for ID-they need it for ID to close our mortgage! Grrr.