Tuesday, July 7, 2009


No one--except a handful of lunatics I suppose, disagrees with the idea that the Nazi's were wicked and Hitler, as their leader, was a crazy madman; it follows that those who believed in him were likewise crazy, delusional and needed to be stopped.

However, this in from Algore today:

London times

Now, I know he didn't "specifically" say that global warming skeptics(GWS)were Nazi's, I understand that. What he did say, is in my view even scarier.
He's telling young people it's up to them to save civilization from those of us who are skeptics; we are evil for our disagreement; that disagreement with HIM is a bad thing because the debate is over.

Now I'm all for young people learning that it's their role to be the next leaders of our country and of society in general, but to liken GWS to Nazi's and the "fight" for the environment as equal to WWII is the craziest thing I have heard this week--I'm not holding my breath, it is only Tuesday after all; to say, as he and others have done, that the debate is over is complete piffle!

If the science were IN, there would be no growth, and every DAY something new and wondrous comes out of the scientific community: new species are discovered, new cures are found, new genes are isolated. There is always something new, therefore, always room for improvement and growth, for new understanding to take the place of outmoded ideas.

Again, I digress.

Does Algore KNOW what went on in WWII? I know a couple of people who could enlighten him if he needs an education on this matter.

It is my humble opinion that we could turn the tables and say that global warming alarmists (GWA)could be likened to the Nazi's themselves.
They want to shut down our way of life, and force behaviors on us that are not of our own choosing. They want to make us drive insanely tiny, unsafe vehicles, thereby decreasing the "surplus population" (as Scrooge said) through highway deaths; make us use poisonous light bulbs in our homes that cast a horrid light and are a danger to us and our families; they want to grow rich on cap and trade ventures that are nothing more than government mandated scams destined to take money out of our pockets and in doing so, food off of our tables.

Please don't assume the debate is over therefore we must bow down to Algore and his ilk.
Nothing is further from the truth.
A large portion of the scientific community does not buy into "the consensus" that the Earth Muffins want us to buy into; that means THERE IS NO CONSENSUS!

This is a religion to these people, the New Age of earth worship; Algore is their god and their prophet, their objective is to force their opinions on the rest of us.
This is one of the things our Founding Father's fought and died for: the right to choose your own path, your own ideals.

Be prepared; Be watchful; Be informed.


Audra MacK said...

Thanks again for your awareness. Helps me to stay aware since I've had the tendency to not pay attention lately.

(the word verification I have to type is 'crack'. LOL. So appropriate for what those Earth Muffins must be using!)

Tricia said...

Isn't that what makes homeschooling so very wonderful. Maybe we should all begin a homeschool movement to recruit some brains that are actually able to think and discern.

Jeannetta said...

It really is Tricia. I think that even if I didn't do one thing for our school day, they'd still be better off than learning the wacky stuff in public school.

Bitmap said...

Al Gore will say anything to get people to buy his books, pay him for giving a speech, or otherwise increase his power and wealth.

Ritsumei said...

Been living in a bit of a hole again lately; focusing on my blog! Al's up to his tricks again? Ugh. Saw a "re-elect Al Gore" bumpersticker yesterday. Isn't that a scary thought. We're looking into the LED lights: I hate the CFL lights & worry about the mercury (not to mention the irony that mercury-filled bulbs are somehow "safer" for the environment). The math for LEDs is actually very good: they're substantially cheaper than CFLs, but they're spendy up front. I can't speak to the light quality yet, as we have only bought Christmas tree lights in the LED so far. But I like the tree lights!

Jeannetta said...

We bought some flashlights with LED. I HATE them!The light is weak if you want to go feed animals. If you need them for emergency, they'd be fine.
I have three, and am about to start a fourth 52 quart tub of incandecent lightbulbs. Eventually I will have one tub for each wattage. I'm hoping in the new house, with all the light that I will have a 10 year supply :D