Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Anyone?

So you've probably heard of the T.E.A. Parties going on tomorrow on April 15th. In case you don't know, T.E.A. stands for "Taxed Enough Already." I'll be attending a rally here in my nearest large city, but I had some thoughts this morning as I've pondered the event.
First, I seriously doubt it will spark any change in Washington. Obama promised "change," and he's delivered; it is the WRONG kind of change, but he doesn't care what I think, and therein lies the problem.
Shortly after he took office, he made the comment to some of the Republicans in Washington, that he had won, so they had to "get over it." He's been elected and he's going to call the shots. It doesn't matter what the rest of us want. Fascism.

Does that mean it's a waste of time to attend? NO! These T.E.A. parties are a great idea; the Sons of Liberty would be so proud I believe of the effort to effect change. If we don't stand up, show larger numbers than we have previously, Conservatism will die a sad and lonely death.
In "the old days," you knew your neighbors, you knew his beliefs; you knew what he stood for. Today, sadly, I don't know my neighbors; I don't know what they believe, or what they stand for; that's about to change. If nothing else, we need to know who we can trust, and who will throw bricks through our living room windows.

I found this quote this morning, regarding the "citizen journalists" enlisted by Pajamas Media to cover the T.E.A. parties: 'The digital evolution of conservative activists comes too late to help John McCain, whose new media arm was left in the dust by President Obama's campaign. But organizers are holding out hope that this movement has juice.'
Let me be clear, I believe that NOTHING could have helped John McCain because he is NOT a Conservative, but the concept is valid: we can't be 'too late' anymore. We must get off of our couches, out of our comfort zones, put aside our non-confrontational mentality and stand up for what's right and good. We don't have to abuse or scream bloody obscenities to make known our dissatisfaction with the way the country is headed.
So, if you are so inclined, go make some T.E.A. If you can't, go by the rally, and honk your horns, let the opposition know you are united in the effort to save our Republic; our Constitution; our very way of life.


Tricia said...

Very good post. You are so good with words. In fact you sound like the perfect candidate to have a copy of my father in laws new book called Organize for Victory. You can check out his website at this link. If you are interested in a copy let know.


JOY said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm finally realizing how important it is to get involved. I'm just starting to learn about politics so I appreciate your post!

Live well, Laugh often, Love much ~Maria said...

Well now I know what a T.E.A party is :D