Saturday, April 4, 2009

General Conference

I love General Conference. All the long months in between, I crave the words of our Prophet and Apostles. It is a beautiful, clear, warmish day here in Oregon; a perfect day to soak up the inspired words of our leaders.

I had a thought while Elder Cook was speaking. He talked of other churches teaching that some will be saved, and others will be damned. The End. Essentially, you are either saved, or you're not.
I wondered if that could be the catalyst for some believing that abortion is OK. Could the false doctrine that God picks and chooses who is saved, decides who is disposable cause some to justify their behavior?
What a glorious, comfort it is to KNOW correct doctrine; to KNOW that I am saved by grace AFTER all *I* can do. It's up to me! I either choose to be obedient or I choose not to be. Shakespeare was right, that IS the question!
Heavenly Father has given me the path, I must choose to walk it. If I don't, then I will suffer the punishment. Christ is my Advocate with the Father, but I must remain true. Matthew says "by their fruits ye shall know them." Moroni echos Matthew with "by their works ye shall know them;"

What gratitude I have for my Heavenly Father. The Restoration is real and true.
I loved the analogy to the swans. For most of history, it was thought that swans were white and only white. Then Australia was discovered; lo and behold, there are black swans.
It was REVEALED in the Lord's time that there were added truths; more to the story if you will.
The Book of Mormon was REVEALED in the Lord's time, full of other truths, testifying of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Truths that were lost through apostasy and translation errors.
I KNOW this to be true, and I'm filled with gratitude for that knowledge.

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Audra MacK said...

It was truly wonderful. I often find Saturday's sessions to be of the most value in my life. I love the 6 D's. Can't wait to watch that talk again. And the first of the first session and the last of the 2nd. So incredibly uplifting and focusing. I started repenting while they were talking! LOL. But seriously, I did. Miss you. Love you.