Saturday, April 4, 2009

Amendment III

Amendment III reads:

'No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.'

It's pretty straight forward.
The root of this is found in the Quartering Acts; British soldiers stayed in the homes of the Colonists. They ate, drank, and slept without the consent of, and without enumeration to the homeowners. As you can imagine, this didn't go over very well.

This Amendment clarifies under what circumstance you and I may be asked to quarter soldiers.
Will it ever happen? Maybe; rough and ugly times are coming.

If you ever hear of a bill coming forth that specifies this, make sure you are educated as to the EXACT types of quartering, and the EXACT circumstance.
As always, know your rights.

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Rick Carpenter said...

Yeah, the day may come where you are required to provide room and board for one of Obama's brown-shirt thugs who will spy on your neighbors from your living room window, looking for signs of rebellion... er, I mean, conservatism. Then your neighbors will think that YOU are the snitch. What a country!