Friday, February 27, 2009

Not My President?

I've been giving a lot of thought since the election to the phrase "He's my President, and I will support him."

I did not vote for this man, nor do I feel his plans and policies are right for America. I don't feel like he even cares what "middle America" needs or wants. This man has an agenda: the overthrow of our good and peaceful country; our way of life. Whether he is doing this of his own volition or whether he is a puppet is for another post. What bothers me is that people are claiming him as "their president."

Here is a little quiz I gave myself:

  • Does he share your philosophy of life; your world view?

  • Does he share your philosophy of government?

  • Does he share your philosophy of the markets?

  • Does he share your philosophy of personal responsibility?

  • Does he share your philosophy on taxes?

  • Does he share your philosophy on immigration?

  • Does he share your philosophy on national security?

  • Does he share your philosophy on abortion?

  • Does he share your philosophy on America's sovereignty?

  • Does he share your philosophy on educating your children?

  • Does he share your philosophy on how children should be raised?

The answer is "No." To all of them. Each one, "nope."
He doesn't share my philosophy on any of those points. Morally and philosophically, I can't claim him as "my president."
He is the president of my country however, and I would defend him with my life if I had to--not that I will EVER be near the man, I think I would have to leave town if he came here :P
That's the only thing I can think of in support of this president, is that I would defend his right to BE the president, by virtue of his being elected in a free election.
Other than that, I can't support the agenda of a man who's worldview is so contrary to my own beliefs, right down to the very core of my soul.

I think people, particularly conservative politicians are trying to be magnanimous; trying to allay our fears, and keep the general calm. They need to STOP this behavior. Stop trying to make us all feel better with this socialist/Marxist in the White House. IT'S NOT OK! Things are spiraling downward at an alarming rate, and it's only been about five weeks! I repeat, IT'S NOT OK! Our conservative leaders in Washington need to stop playing nice, and start speaking out. Start giving us a rope to grab.
God bless this man to be safe in the service of our country, but more importantly, God Bless America to be safe despite this man.


tammy said...

I really like those questions you pose, I guess then Mr. Obama is not my president either. Thought provoking. I enjoy your views and your site, I'm sure I'll be visiting more often. Keep it up!

Rick Carpenter said...

Not only is Obama not 'our' president, but the United States of America is on its way to not being 'our' nation. That is why the saints will separate themselves from it in the last days. We know that the Constitution in its original uncorrupted form, was an inspired document (D&C 101:80), and it will remain our law wherever or whatever we call 'our soil'. The elders of the church will uphold it among the saints in the last days.