Monday, February 23, 2009

Make a Choice for Life

I want to show you this video of a young twelve year old girl, and her wonderful speech about abortion:
12 year old Speaks Out on Abortion .

This little girl is a hero! What courage and conviction she has, about such a hard, hard subject.

I'm hurt and offended that children have to know at the age of TWELVE what "unprotected sex" is. When did it become OK for children to have to worry about this? Why can't children just BE children anymore?

Society has become so degenerate that children are learning about sex in kindergarten; homosexuality in first grade. These are adult issues, not things that children should have to cope with.

That said, this little girl is bright and articulate; passionate about her subject. Somebody should offer her a Scholarship, we need kids like her to grow up and be leaders in this world.

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Tricia said...

So very true and sad. Homeschooling is such a blessing. It is amazing just how long a child can stay so sweet and innocent when kept from the ravishes of the system. I have seen it in my own children. The long lasting innocence. It's a beautiful thing.