Friday, February 20, 2009

The Father of Our Country

Today is George Washington's 277th Birthday. I stand in awe of this man.
His courage and integrity have shaped my thinking. Where would we be if not for him?

Born in Virginia on February 22nd, 1732, George was a bright and busy boy.
He learned to do things early in life and by the age of 16 was a surveyor, making meticulous maps. He began keeping a journal early in life, and this thankfully became a lifelong habit. We know much of his character through his own words.

I believe George Washington was called of God to be the first president the United States of America would know; to set the standard by which all future leaders of this country would be measured.

An example of Providence in the young colonel's life:
Early on the morning of July 9th, 1755, during the French and Indian war, Washington watched with pride as the British troops marched together, preparing for battle on the banks of the Monongahela river. The French were not willing to give up Fort Duquesne, and were unevenly matched against General Braddock's troops; the French therefore planned an ambush, convincing the Indians to join them.

As the ambush progressed, the British were unprepared. This was not the way gentlemen fought, and the ambush caught them by surprise. The Indians in the company even laughed at their victims, powerless due to shock.

As the cacophony rose, confusion reined.
Colonel Washington had been ill, but was there that day, ready to fulfill his duty of carrying the Generals orders to the troops in all parts of the field. His presence on the field in his scarlet regimentals made him an easy, conspicuous target; the enemy did not fail to take advantage of the circumstance. Two horses were shot from under him, four times his coat was torn by musket balls, but Washington was not injured. They even found a gold medallion he had been wearing on the battlefield; it had been shot off of him by a bullet.

The Indians later testified that they had singled him out; shot repeatedly AT him; they couldn't hit him. They became convinced that he had Divine protection. I am convinced as well.

In fact, Washington never was wounded in any battle.

George Washington was spared that day; protected by Divine intervention. He went on to be protected and uplifted as a Revolution was waged against his former brothers in arms.

Our Heavenly Father had a special plan for General Washington. He became the "Father of Our Country".

Here is his Farewell Address, I didn't type it up, it's quite long, but worth the time it takes to read it:

This is a beautiful example of his character, his love for this country, and gives us a benchmark by which we should be judging our candidates today.

Everyone also needs to read:

Let this good and decent man influence your life. We need heroes in our day, here is one of the best.

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Rick Carpenter said...

Great post. George Washington was an inspired servant of the Lord. It's funny, though, how he is thought of today. Because we won the war, he is a hero and a founding father. If we had not won the war, he would be known as a traitor to the British crown and would have suffered a disgraceful death.

I wonder what he thinks about what is happening in our government these days. I wonder if he and the other founding fathers feel like their efforts and sacrifices have been wasted by the infection of liberalism in our nation.