Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Right to Win??

First, I would ask you to go and read Thomas Sowell's editorial today:
The Right to Win

OK, now I have a few things to say :D (Are you surprised??)

He asks "How did we get here." For me this answer is fairly easy. We arrived at this awful state because of :

#1 Affirmative Action. It's not right to put someone ahead of someone else because of race or gender. The best man or woman for the job should get it. Period.

#2 Minority Rules. We have, for too long allowed minority groups-be they race, gender, religion, whatever to have a stronger voice than those in the majority; whatever happened to "Majority Rules"?

#3 Self Esteem. The "Establishment", coupled with the Psycho babblers have told us we can't let children lose; they can't get an "F." It's either pass or fail and even then, they are telling us that "fail" brings bad feelings!
We had a couple move into our Ward in OH who were both Child Psychology majors; we were all excited when they offered a parenting fireside.
The wife started by telling us the best way is to let the child decide, whatever the case may be.
If you want something done, you tell the child over and over ad nauseum until the child "decides" it's his idea.
She told a story of an antique quilt on her bed, and the children knew it was off limits. While she was nursing the baby the little boy about 3 or 4 was jumping on the bed, on the quilt. She calmly told him over and over to stop. By the time he "decided" it was "his idea" to leave the quilt alone, he was on the floor rolled up in it. It was at this point I stopped listening to whatever they had to say. Common sense told me this was not how a child should be taught.
*They*(as in the "establishment") have made it so that no one understands what it means to be on the losing team. No one knows the meaning of "No".

#4 and most importantly, we have left God on the sidelines. Something our Founders would be appalled at.

How do we fix this mess??
Well, first of all, speak up! Don't just stand aside when someone wants to tell you that what you want doesn't matter. Don't let *them* walk on you. Be respectful always, but stand up for what is right. There IS a right and there IS a wrong.
Write letters, lots of them. To your Representatives in the Senate and in Congress. Write letters to the editor of your local paper. Be the voice that has been missing for too long.

Secondly, if you lose, try again. Try HARDER next time. Work for what you want. Work to earn the distinction of "winner".

Thirdly, welcome God into the dialogue. He has given us everything we have. Everything. Nothing was made but by Him. Acknowledge Him and let go. See what He has done for us. See what He has provided.

Lastly, Learn. Learn your Constitution. Yes, it is YOUR Constitution. Learn it. Learn the Bill of Rights. Learn what was Divinely inspired for YOUR safety and protection. Read the Founding Documents. Know your rights. Understand what is going on.


Diana said...

Thank you. Those are some of the exact things I have been thinking. You are awesome!!! No wonder Audra is always raving about you. She is right you are someone to know.

Jeannetta said...

Why, Thank you very much :)

Live well, Laugh often, Love much ~Maria said...

Jeanetta, I enjoy your blogs more than you will ever know. I come away from them pondering and recognizing so many of the truths that you speak. Sometimes I feel like you have gone inside of my head and plucked out the very words I wanted to say :) (Scary, huh?) Thanks for being bold enough to say those things that NEED to be said. I even counselled my mom that she should start reading them as well. Love ya lots!

Audra MacKenzie said...

You are wonderful!!! I am so glad to be able to call you a close friend. So, if you get the 'notion' to 'gather' and I have somehow missed it, please don't leave me behind!!!

Ritsumei said...

Woot!! What a great post.

Would you be interested in doing one on HOW to go about writing a letter to the editor? What exactly is an open letter, that sort of thing? I'd love some sort of primer on that sort of thing. Or maybe I'll just google it.


Pretty simple. Wish I'd thought of doing that sooner. You're such an inspiration Jeanneta!

Happy Thanksgiving!