Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well, I went to Colorado to see the new baby, and to get aquainted with her big sister. What a fun time I had! Little Iszabelle is a hoot, and is full of personality--read here, she is also full of vinegar as my Mom used to say. She is going to take some time to get used to her little sister, and not having her mommy to herself anymore. I took Sarah and the children pumpkin shopping--we just went to Safeway, but this little one was so very excited!

She is barely 3, but already quite a firecracker!

It was also a bit sad for me, as she had no reason to trust me, no reason to let me in. By Friday, the day before I left, we had become freinds at least, and I've decided to send her a card once a week, to hopefully help her remember. We are looking forward to to them maybe coming here in January, and I'm really excited.

Addisen is growing fast too. She is so beautiful. Shelooks like an almost identical twin to her big sister at 1 month of age.

Here is the latest photo I have of her:

There is other news. Our second daughter Aubrey is expecting in May. She told us over the phone before I went to Colorado. It's also a bittersweet thing. She also is not married. She and her boyfriend Russ are happy, and I've expressed how happy it would be for me if they married.
It's all in the hands of the Lord.

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Live well, Laugh often, Love much ~Maria said...

It's amazing seeing another Stokes generation walking around. I remember Sarah when she was her daughter's age. Life is such an amazing thing to have these little extentions of your heart walking around outside of your body :)