Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer's End

It seems that summer is at an end. Canning time is upon us. As homeschoolers, I don't have the stress and heartache of sending the kids back to prison, but there are other stresses to take it's place.
First is the fact that this is an election year. I am a political junkie, I freely admit it! I listen to Rush, Sean, and Glenn whenever I can, and sometimes O'Reilly.
I am a full fledged flaming conservative. I align myself with the Republicans, as a major party, but fall somewhere closer to Libertarian--although I can't agree with them 100%.
It was with great anticipation I waited for John McCain to announce his running mate the other day--the day AFTER the DNC nominated the Marxist named Obama. I was rooting for Mitt Romney--and NOT because he is LDS, although that didn't hurt. I felt Romney was both fiscally and socially conservative enough to boost the ticket.
Well, Ta-Da, the VP nominee is... Sarah Palin??? Who??? I'd never heard of this woman. A WOMAN????? What is he doing??? Being a woman myself, I should have been overjoyed right? Why wasn't I?
As I have come to learn about Sarah Palin, I feel I can give her my endorsement. She is tough, very conservative, and a mother to 5 beautiful children. Five! Someone who at least knows what I'm going through with a large family. Someone I can connect to. I may even join the NRA now :D
Second is canning. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE to can. There is something special about seeing those rows and rows of jars lined up, like jewels on the shelf. The trouble is, I'm in a rented house with a glass flat top stove. Now this is a potential disaster. I hate the stupid thing. It's hard to clean, it gets scratched, and I'm petrified that extended canning will crack it. We bought a new grill over the weekend with an additional burner to the side. Problem solved? I'll let you know :D

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