Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gardens of Glory HA!

My garden was a disaster this year. We have plucked NO tomatoes out of it, one measly jalepeno--I am still planning to make my *famous* jalepeno jelly, but I have to BUY jalepenos now tsk!. We actually had success with the lettuce and spinach; otherwise, we have had one very small watermelon the size of a softball,(it's still on the vine, we seem to have outlandish and unrealistic expectations for the next month's growth) one cuke, and a couple of zucchinis! Isn't ANYONE supposed to be able to grow zucchini?????? Don't most people have zucchini coming out their ears??? Aren't people who normally like me supposed to be running in fear at the very sight of me by this time of the year?? Apparently the zucchini have met their match in Me!~~evil laugh commencing~~ OH, and our blueberry bush had the nerve to DIE!
Craig says that all of this was "well worth the $120 we spent for the raised bed materials". Sigh. We even bought dirt with BAT GUANO as an ingredient! Come on, stuff was supposed to grow in this *Gold*. So what am I going to do?? I'm going to build TWO MORE raised beds! Yes, I believe that is what any sane woman would do :D

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