Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, we have been canning fools around here. We went through 6 boxes of tomatoes that gave us 38 quarts of stewed tomatoes and 22 pints of Italian tomato sauce. We also did pears, and got 18 quarts of jarred pears, 10 half pints of pear butter, and 9 trays of dried pears. Then came the 14 half pints of jalepeno jelly--my friend calls it green slime :) We'll be on to apples and grapes next. I'm eyeing the apple tree out back. It hasn't been tended to in years as far as I can tell, but the apples don't look too small. If they are big enough, I imagine we can cut around any wormy parts :D
This all means that Autumn is in the air. In truth, Autumn is my favorite time of the year. The color is amazing. Spring is pretty, but it's localized. Our yards are beautiful--well, Yours might be but mine has a ways to go. Never the less, the color and the beauty is localized, and private for the most part. Not Autumn boy. The trees and bushes want to scream halleluja, it's nap time! They want the world to know how gleeful they feel about their down time. This is something worth further reflection :D

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