Saturday, February 27, 2010

Peeking Into the Mind of a Liberal

I had an interesting encounter with an old friend from High School these past couple of days that helped me realize I needed to get back to writing, and hopefully helping to educate those around me.

I had posted this link on Facebook: Obama Threatens to Advance Health Care Reform Without GOP Support , and another friend reposted; that's where the story begins.

My friend then commented it was too bad the two sides couldn't work together on something as important as health care reform. I then commented that we needed insurance reform, not an unconstitutional takeover of another segment of our lives. I also said for Obama to say "do it my way or else" didn't bode well for America.
I was then asked to show him one line in the Constitution that prohibited the feds from providing health care-THAT was easy; Section I Article 8.
He said to him it was pretty clear, "provide for the general welfare" covered it.
I carefully explained that "provide for the general welfare" as the Founding Father's knew it meant that congress, in this context was to provide for the general welfare of the states, not individuals. (There were huge debts the states inccured during the Revoluitonary War that the federal government was now to take over and pay off). We bantered about language and he said that the dictionary was not the court, the Supreme Court was the final arbiter.
He then digressed into repeating that just because *I* said something was unconstitutional didn't make it so, that the Supreme Court rulings were Constitutional by virtue of them saying something was Constitutional (yeah, like slavery for example?).
It digressed even further by him insulting me, saying my arguments were neither sophisticated or knowledgeable. I then said if wanted to start with insults, I was done but that I felt truth (in the form of the Constitution)was on my side.
Here is how he responded when I wouldn't concede:
"Jeannetta, this discussion really is over. After our last face to face meeting at the high school reunion I knew that I didn't really need to ever interact with you again. I saw your posts on ______'s account and never pursued it, again, because I really didn't want to resume any kind of contact with you. Our "discussion" as you called it has only made that more clear to me. Please don't contact me again in any manner."

This is so very comical and typical to me of liberal thought processes.
If I had offended him at the last reunion(five years ago I *think* is the last time I saw him, it could have been 10), I would have been glad to know of it to apologize promptly; this was the first I had heard of a problem. (Liberals will change the subject to reflect their warped sense of justice).
The "Please don't contact me again" is so very comical, because I DIDN'T contact him! I posted on a link that our mutual friend had posted, he commented, I commented after. (Liberals will act offended and refuse any further discussion when it's not going well for them, or if they can't come up with anymore wild arguments and accusations).

When liberals can't come up with a cogent rebuttal, they do one of three things, or a combination of the three; either they insult you, cut you off or they continue to babble making less and less sense. They can't be bothered by facts, reality, truth or reason.

If you get into a tight spot like this, stick to your guns, but make sure you are educated, read the Constitution, read the Bill of Rights.
I also have been reading A Patriot's History of the United States by Larry Schweikart, which I'm loving. I would also recommend Who Killed the Constitution:The Fate of American Liberty from WWI to George W. Bush by Thomas E. Woods(there is actually an updated version including Obama's foibles I noticed on Amazon as well). I received both for Christmas last year and had put A Patriot's History aside for other things(it is on the "large and heavy" side)until recently, I'm sorry I waited.

In order to combat the radical Progressive's in our midst, we must be educated. Please make the time. My challenge to you all is to read the Constitution before school lets out. That's 3 to 4 months from today. I am going to as well. Take a highlighter and highlight those parts that seem important to you. If you don't have a small one, you can get a Pocket Constitution from The National Center for Constitutional Studies for $1.00 plus shipping. They have a special, 100 copies for $30.00; why not start passing them out?

Please, be educated, it's the only way we can turn the tide of Progressivism that is eating away at our liberties; their road leads to Communism and Totalitarianism.

If your friends leave you, if neighbors reject you, if family members scorn you, it's all good. You have the truth on your side.


mommyx12 said...

I agree. Sooooooo very typical of a liberal. Do they even know they are ALL the same? Does it not bother them to be considered a sheep who follows every wind of doctrine and in nothing whatsoever use their own thought processes to think anything through themselves. Amazing

Audra MacK said...

I'm sorry you had that experience. But if you're able to use it for good, more power to you. I am increasingly sick of the 'I can't get my way, so I'm done with you aittude.' Dealt with it too frequently myself. It's a pervasive attitute everywhere in my opinion.

Thanks for all you do. You are such an inspiration to me. Love you!!! Miss you.

Mach Momma said...

Well, I must say that was a very accurate "called them as I see them". The Liberal rationality is so bizzare (and frustrating). Good Post:)

Rick Carpenter said...

Four comments here: First, to my dear MachMomma: there is no such thing as liberal rationality. It is an oxy-moron. Second, this really makes me miss my own political blog. I had to discontinue because it was taking too much mental energy to keep it current, conflicting with law school. And, I find that my energy is better spent right now in saving souls spiritually rather than mocking them politically. Third, what I have known for a long time is that there are very very few intellectually sound bases for liberal philosophies. Because of this, liberals are not difficult to confound in a debate. The difficulty is in expecting them to see the intellectual flaws. Kinda like getting the alcoholic to admit they have a problem. Everyone else can see it but them. Fourth, a usual and predictable result of a debate with a liberal is that they will regress into insults when they lose on intellectual grounds. Immature and selfish though it may be, it accurately reflects the typical mental state of those who espouse those flawed and degenerate philosophies.
Thanks for letting me vent on your blog!

Jeannetta said...

Thanks Rick, this was definately a learning experience, although this was a bit harder to swallow due to the close friendship this guy and I used to have. I miss the old _____.
I also have had to think about my role, and where trying to educate stops and my pride takes over; I've learned something about myself as well:)I can't say that my words didn't goad just a bit and if I were to be honest, probably knowingly so.
Thanks to all of you, I appreciate the feedback. I love politics and I love the Constitution; aside from trying to start a hobby farm and homeschool my children, what else would I do? lol