Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Books, Books and More Books!

Well, I did it! Way back in December of last year, I told you about a challenge that Karl Rove and then President Bush had regarding how many books each had read during the year.

I challenged myself to read twenty-four books. It seemed a reasonable goal. I homeschool my children, I have other pursuits-politics is just one, and I felt like two books a month was going to be a stretch.
Surprise! Or not I suppose; I know I am a fast reader, but really, I read 33 books! I had no idea I could read that many, and still provide a hot meal for my family on a regular basis! I’ve read two just since Christmas; Ok, so one was like eating cotton candy and I read it in less than 12 hours, but I DID read it!

I thought I would read mostly nonfiction, that is my “preferred” genre, but I surprised myself.
I read a wide variety of books, including “The Hobbit” that I read for the very first time, and “The Screwtape Letters”, both of which I enjoyed very much. I read two from Michael Crichton, and two from Shannon Hale; Hale being the cotton candy type, Crichton being more of the “makes you wonder” kind of book.

I read a series from the LDS market: “The Brothers.” The series of six books is by Chris Stewart and starts out in the Preexistence, moves to the days after a nuclear attack on Washington D.C.; very interesting series.
Book 6(or is it seven?) in my favorite series “Outlander” came out in September, and while usually the world stops when Diana Gabaldon’s books come out, not so this time. I had a much harder time with this one; I’m still anxious for the next one however.

I read a couple of books with a spiritual message or theme, one about the women in the Scriptures, and one about Moroni, an ancient prophet from the Book of Mormon. Both recommended. I also read “The Life of our Lord” by Charles Dickens; a lovely little book.

I will admit a few failures-well, not failures so much as “ugh! I am going to finish these if they kill me” kind of books, and I really WILL finish them, but they were not terribly engaging, and while mostly interesting, I did move on to other things; they do still have the bookmarks in them though, making finishing them easier to do!

I have numerous books on my “shelf”, waiting their turn. I’ve also just started Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” which I received for Christmas, and am quite excited to read. I’m on chapter four and I love it already. I’m also reading “The Real George Washington” which I am enjoying immensely; we need more heroes like him.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be listing what’s on my shelf, and taking down the “Books read in 2009”, so if you’re interested in any of the titles, you can find them on the sidebar for now.

I also challenged those of you who were reading this blog last year to do the same. Did you? I’d love to know what you read, what you liked, and what you put down. Care to share?


Mach Momma said...

What a great goal! I have most of the books you mentioned, but have not read them.
How on earth did you make it through the Hobbit. We tried reading that when I homeschooled and it was a great sleep inducer (we only got to page 25).
How many books are the goal for this year? I want to do it too!

mommyx12 said...

Great job. I give my husband a fright tho when I bring out too many books for myself!! A few years back I read the entire Work and the Glory books and literally it was all I could do to function in my duties. And then so many of my children were younger. I had like 7 kids under 11. How did I manage to get through those books. Maybe I should ask my family!! lol Or not. I love Beverly Lewis and have just started another one of her series but hubby is out of town for 9 days and I'm sure I can get through it before he gets home!! Just in time to start the second book, then the third!!

Rick Carpenter said...

Congrats! I wish I could make the time to do that. Maybe if we counted page numbers, not number of books, then 'I coulda been a contender'! My year has included books like Federal Rules of Evidence, Corporations and Business Organizations, Rules of Professional Responsibility, Health Care Administrative Law, etc. - you get the picture if you're not already asleep! My time is so shot that I have to put my toothepaste directly on my bagel in the morning just to save 3 minutes! But the cultural exposure you have gained is fantastic. Good job you!