Wednesday, September 16, 2009


What do you consider "racism"?

When I was a little girl, a friend of mine was over for the day. When my dad drove him home, I asked why the windows of Safeway were covered over with paper. The friend said "to keep the niggers from breaking in." I didn't know what "nigger" was, and the boy explained it was the blacks. My dad spoke up, and in a forcefully gentle tone explained that you didn't have to be black to be a "nigger"; bad people came in all colors and a "nigger" was someone of any color who wanted to do bad things.
That has stuck with me my whole life.

Fast forward to September of 2009. Socialized medicine is being debated now, and Congressman Joe Wilson yells out "You Lie" during the presidents speech to a rare joint session of congress; a week later, the man is branded a racist. The worst president EVER has branded Joe Wilson a racist for daring to 1.)disagree with the president, and 2.) to say so loud and clear.

I'm not here to debate the appropriateness of Mr. Wilson's remarks, that is an individual decision, based on our reaction to the event.

No, I want to address the lunacy of the race card.
Mr. Carter would have us believe that Joe (we) can't handle a black man as our president, so he (we) is (are) disagreeing with him-yelling "You Lie." We are marching on D.C., attending Townhall meetings, writing our representatives and whatever else we are doing, in protest of the systematic dismantling of our Republic , NOT because Barak Obama is a black man. This is the most insane thing I have ever heard.

Those who cry racism, are in fact the racists. When Jimmy Carter calls Joe a racist, it reveals Jimmy Carter as the racist. Joe yells "You Lie", Carter cries racism, so it can be inferred that Carter believes black men lie. How else can this be interpreted?
Janine Garafalo is another one: All "Tea Party" goers are rednecks, retards and racists who hate the black president.

So many people have worked hard over the last 40 or so years to wipe out racism, to get us to look beyond skin color; yet the left can't do it themselves! They can't believe that we would actually want our government to work like it's supposed to. They can't make a cogent argument to support their side, so they have to pull the race card, trying to make us feel guilty for something we have not done; to get us distracted by our guilt so that the shredding of the Constitution can continue. In fairness, the race card really is all they have.

Here's a clue. I am NOT RACIST. If I am afraid for my country,if I disagree with socialized medicine, if I disagree with TARP, the GM bailout, or any of the other illegal things our government is proposing, it's because a COMMUNIST is at the helm with a bunch of COMMUNISTS as advisors, NOT because they are black.
I don't look at skin color. Isn't that what we have been teaching children in America for generations? That's how it should be!
I know only ONE man out of all of my acquaintances who is a racist. I know of several in the public spectrum who are racist-Carter and Garafalo; Obama and Jones; Jackson and Sharpton; I'm sure you could name a few that I've missed.

The point is that America is NOT a racist country. Most of us do not look at skin color to determine someone's worth, yet the left keeps wanting to play the race card, and it's disgusting.

Note: It is not WRONG to disgree with your government, with your elected officials. They seem to forget, they work for you, and they work for me, and it is their OBLIGATION to listen to us, and to do as WE the People want.

We can disagree six ways to Sunday and we are still NOT racists for it. It may not make us Patriots either, but it most assuredly is not racism.


Mach Momma said...

That is so very well said. Good Job.
I have had those thoughts for quite awhile - a person calling some one racist because they don't agree with Obama when in essense they are racist. I do not even see Obama as a black man, even though he's always wanted to be one. I also think that the people who voted for Obama just because of his color are also racist. You don't vote for someone because of their ethnic origin/color, you vote for them because of their credentials.
Great post!

Jeanette said...

Couldn't agree more, Jeannetta. They pathetically grasp at any possible chance of taking the heat off of their own glaring failures. Keep it up!