Thursday, August 13, 2009


Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer have jointly authored an article in USA today calling those who speak out and speak up against this health care fiasco "Un-American".

Now, I don't know where they get their rhetoric, but the country was founded by people who spoke up and spoke out! They also acted on their feelings,literally changing the world. It's the American way; we have the RIGHT to disagree with Washington, because they work for US; something they have forgotten.

Add this to the "right wing extremists", the "Send us your fishy emails" and "National Security Force", and the "I won, get over it", and you have a group of people that want an obsequious population; obedient and servile; non thinkers, non complainers.

Each of us has to find our voice, and use it. This blog is one way I'm using my voice. I do call my representatives, even though I don't feel they are listening; I do write them, and ditto on the reading of my letters. Should we stop writing? No! Keep it up. Go to the town hall meetings that are taking place across the country. Go while you can, I have a feeling the "format" will change, and only invited guests will be allowed, and the media will cover it as a legitimate town hall, despite the crowd being stacked. GO!

The government is not on our side, they do not have our best interests at heart. The people we have elected only care about power and control.
Most Americans believe things are out of control, and the country is heading down the wrong track; it is.
We just have to remain faithful to the Constitution, to the Founding Father's vision. Most of us "average" Americans want what's best; want to honor the Constitution.
Those who have read the Doctrine and Covenants even know this is the Promised Land; a land where freedom was meant to reign.

We can't let these dark times get us down, make us afraid, and keep us from speaking up.
Sometimes I think the only thing holding things together are the prayers of faithful people; people of all faiths, praying for our country.
Please be one of them.


Tricia said...

I was thinking about this today. Free speech and all. And what I came up with was this. I am NOT going to apologize. I am NOT going to hop around an issue so blatantly wrong. Not with anyone. I am so tired of all this politically correct crap I could scream. (pardon my french, feel free to delete) This is where I'm at. It seems to be everywhere. Even in our churches where issues that are clearly wrong are being "tenderly" handled so as not to upset. But I was always taught that the wicked take the truth to be hard. And so we are left with having to be politically correct so as not to offend anyone. My dh was recently released as 1st counselor in the BRic and he wasn't able to SAY anything about anything for fear of offending. Where are the watchmen on the tower? Are they ALL sleeping?

Jeannetta said...

Political correctness within the Church is the one that makes me the angriest. We have the truth, there is ONLY black and white; it's either in line with Gospel principles and teachings or it's not. Period.
I think the reason our elected officals are so intent on shutting down the debate is exactly what you said, the wicked take the truth to be hard; they can't win, so they won't play by the rules.
It's past time they were all fired.
The watchmen are people like us, and I think this segment of the population is waking up, they've been asleep for a time, but the sleeping giant is waking up. Let's hope it's not too late.

Audra MacK said...

Fantastic stuff, my faithful watchwoman.