Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy Passes

Ted Kennedy passed on Tuesday. Whatever you felt about the man, now is not the time to bring it up and bash it about. I couldn't stand him, and had a special mocking name for when he came on the TV.
I am grateful right now that I don't have TV, as I'm sure there will be plenty of gushing ad nauseum in the MSM.
Say a prayer for the family; we would want others to do the same for our guy (or gal).


Anonymous said...

hi jeanetta! i thought id check out your blog. i appreciate the idea of thoughts and prayers going out to the kennedy family. but im not convinced that we need to show more respect for the dead than they deserved when living.

aside from his politics, which people seem to either love or hate and which are laregly discussed in terms or opinions, what about all the facts that point to a very debauched life?

this man was kicked out of harvard for cheating. he caused the death of a young woman through careless driving and illegally leaving the scene of an accident (he also failed to report it) and more recently embarrassed us all with details of his behaviour that came out in his nephews rape trial.

ok, no need to bash him now he is gone, but on the other hand i really resent all of the press and so many people saying he is a patriarchal figure for our nation. why should reverence for a man who exhibited plenty of questionable and illegal behaviour be shoved down our throats?? and i dont even have a tv either!

oh and lets venerate the fact that he spent SO LONG in congress? that to me is a shameful flauting of our founding principles. our government was designed to be run by patriots and citizens not career politicians!

ok sorry for the vent. nice blog!

gabrielle in roseburg

Jeannetta said...

Hi Gabrielle! Welcome :)
I'm with you on his debachery etc. I think the man was a snake. I also think now that he's in the ground, he's fair game :D
Don't be sorry about venting here, that's what I'm doing :D I started this as a family blog, it didn't last very long ;)
I think I'm coming to the idea that term limits are in order. Our Founders never meant for politics to be a lifelong career, and Senator Windbag (VBG)is proof positive of the need for them.