Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Books and More Books

Well, here it is; the annual book post. I can feel the weight of being two months late on my shoulders. I doubt that anyone is still reading at this point, but if you are, thanks for sticking with me through my dark times. This has been a terrible and an amazing year all in one. Our oldest daughter passed away two weeks after her 30th birthday in April, and up to that point, I had read 11 books. My goal had been 40, and because it became hard to even breathe some days, I fell shy of that by a whopping 10 books.

I can’t seem to pick just one this year. As always, I read the Book of Mormon; and maybe because I've been striving since Sarah died to keep the Spirit with me more, I'm not really sure, but I got more out of it this time around; maybe that’s not right; maybe I mean to say I felt the words more deeply this time.

Whatever, it remains my most cherished book.

I read a book draft by a friend; this is something new to me, I don’t know many authors; well, I don't know ANY other authors. The book is “Immortal Light; Wide Awake” by John Sperry. It is now available on Amazon, and while it still has some kinks that need to be ironed out, I believe you will love the story as much as I. It’s along the lines of Twilight, but much better; no scary boys keeping watch in the girl’s bedroom all night, and no wimpy girls who can’t think for themselves and can’t take care of themselves.

I read a few books on grief, and felt the spirit raise me to meet the task at hand. It was a challenge, but to read the words of affirmation, confirming my faith, was so utterly needed and welcomed.

I read two books by Lisa See; both about ancient China; one I liked well enough, the other I hated. I’ll leave you to pick out which is which if you dare; if you read them, do let me know what you think. I still have some ranting to do!

We also listened to an old favorite, “The Sea Fairies” by L. Frank. Baum; what a treat it was to visit Cap’n Bill and Trot again. We even named a new kitten Trot after the heroine.

One classic I read, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was a lovely read, and I cried and cried. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. Another was “Great Expectations”; this book was L.O.N.G.; entirely worth reading, and I fell in love with poor Pip, but boy was it long. Dickens was very verbose.

I’d started the year with C.S. Lewis, and that finished my trip through Narnia. It’s time to start again.

All things considered, I don’t think I did too badly.

How did your book year go?


Ritsumei said...

Yes... well, my book list is still sitting on the side of my sidebar. I started a new book list for 2013, but I haven't banished the old one yet because I haven't put it into the notebook where I keep such things. Been distracted. I guess it shouldn't be amazing at all how much trials slow down mundane things like reading, but somehow it still is.

Bonita said...

I <3 your book list!! Many on there I want to read. I'm so sorry for the trials you have these last few years. You are so strong. I used the book "Making Sense of Suffering" by Brickey to help me through it all. You might like it. :) Big hugs from the desert! And I'm totally on FB! Come find me!!

Anonymous said...

You should keep blogging. I loved reading your posts. Thanks for the uplifting thoughts. Falling short of ten books is no big deal, look at how many you DID read!