Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not So Tolerant

I was in a discussion on Facebook this morning; it concerned the Mosque that has been approved for Ground Zero; here is the article in Question:
For Strip Clubs Near Ground Zero its Business as Usual

I'll say upfront, that the Wall Street Journal has come down a notch in my book for even running an article based on what Stripper's think of a Mosque at Ground Zero; that said, the discussion was evenly divided, both sides claiming the other was bias-big surprise there.

What got me was the anger and hatred shown to ME, because I disagreed with one guy; an atheist. He was the only one who spoke meanly or rudely to me, and honestly, when I called him out on his "smarter than you" comment he had directed at another individual, I half expected it to turn negative.

What continues to amaze me, when those of us who use God in our "platform",is that the merest mention of God makes evil people MORE evil. This guy told me--knowing NOTHING about me that:
  • I was from a "Hickville Sh**hole"
  • I had brain damage from my alcoholic FATHER
  • I was a redneck
  • That my name equaled an "epic fail"
  • Accused me of being Texan, Republican and a Catholic(None of which are true)

There was more, but you get the idea; all because I disagreed with him on the Mosque; because I dared to say that life was black and white, and to live in the gray was to not be wholly anything; speaking up from a Christian perspective.
Don't get me wrong, they DO have a right to build a Mosque in this country; as long as local laws and ordinances are followed, the green light is given most often.

However, I believe it is the wrong thing to do. Muslims tend to build on conquered ground, and that is what Ground Zero represents to them. The Mosques already in operation are filling up and they need more space because, in my view, New York has been conquered, or at least the "transformation" has begun, and Muslims are flocking to the City.

We have been told for generations to be "sensitive" to other faiths, other people.
Why then, when WE ask for sensitivity, do we get a backlash of angry, vile rhetoric?
If we hold Ground Zero as "Sacred Ground" because of the loss of life, why is THAT not a Religious Freedom as well; Gettysburg is considered Sacred Ground, so too is Ground Zero.

A little Tolerance please; and a heavy dose of respect.


Ranee @ Arabian Knits said...

You know what I find somewhat humorous? That being a Texan, Republican or Catholic is something to be accused of at all! There is nothing wrong with any of them.

Jeannetta said...

I KNOW! I did laugh out loud for real when I read it. But, I guess him being an Athiest, all of those things are dirty words.
(I even thought you'd get a kick out of it! lol)

Bob said...

Well, consider the source. I usually like Republican Texan Catholics.

I also think the mosque issue will slowly die, because most American Muslims think it's in dreadfully poor taste.

Jeannetta said...

I do too Bob, on both counts! I also heard the funding for the Mosque is WELL BELOW what is needed.