Friday, June 4, 2010

Helen Thomas, Anti Semite

I have never cared for Helen Thomas; I think she's rude and abrupt, but until now I've never beleived her to be an anti Semite. Here is evidence to the contrary.

How can this woman be trusted as a "journalist" as a "reporter"? Will she ever report without a slant?
Pay attention to what your'e reading and what you're hearing; watch for the little tip offs that will alert you to unbiased reporting, and shun it. We can't afford anything but the truth and the facts.
We wont' get it from people like Helen Thomas.

As with other posts regarding moronic comments from those in pulbic life, Blogger seems to be blocking the comments box. I don't care as much about what you have to say regarding this video, as much as I hope you share it, and share it again.


Bitmap said...

According to The Woodpile Report her family came from Lebanon. I'm too lazy to verify that, but her attitude supports that.

Jeannetta said...

She does have that Lebanese look about her. I'll see if I can find out...