Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Light in the Darkness

I've been away much lately; I wish I could say I have been reading good things. I've mostly been reading the news and posting, frantically some days it seems, to Facebook.

There is much going on in the world today, and most of it isn't good news.
We have a health care boondoggle that will, given time to come to fruition, bankrupt our country; we have a president who is Marxist; we have double digit unemployment numbers; we have a society that shuns God, but embraces immorality and evil. These are depressing facts no doubt, but there is a way out; there is light amid the darkness.

That light is education.

The time is coming, and is not far distant when our home libraries will be the only source of truth available. "Newspeak" is already taking place in a textbook near you. Attempts to rewrite history are already underway-how many times do you still here that Bush is to blame for this, or for that?

My challenge to you, whether you homeschool or not, is to gather great books; starting with your Scriptures, gather Original Source materials. Get the journals of our Founding Father's; get copies of the Federalist Papers; collect books that have valiant characters and good examples for your children and grandchildren to look up to, to emulate; characters from history and fiction alike. Gather contemporary books from authors you trust, those who speak the truth.

In my Church we talk a lot about being self sufficient and about Provident Living, but I want to express to you my sincere belief that we will need to have "food storage for our brains" as well as sustenance for our bodies.
It's not enough to sit around watching American Idol or Dancing with the Stars as a family, however fun these may be; we MUST buckle down and do the hard stuff. We must teach ourselves and our children who we really are; what this Country was founded on, and why. The battle for the hearts and minds of our families is real, the assault on morality and goodness rages on. Progressivism is a cancer than can only be vanquished with truth.

Set aside an evening a week to read something wonderful; read "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" by Longfellow, read about George Washington; read about Moses and Joseph; for those of you who are LDS, read about Nephi and Mosiah. If you're having Scripture study either alone or as a family, I commend you. If you're not, what's stopping you?

Those of you who are LDS remember Elder Oaks talk Good, Better, Best.

It's time to choose what path you will take.


Meg said...

This has been the focus of gathering for our home library for several years now. We just returned from vacation with a suitcase of new additions.

Books are more than a hobby at this point...they are treasure. :)

Andrea said...

I just found your blog through "Marmee's" and I love it. It is so nice to find like-minded people. I agree that education is our only hope, and it's not going to come from the public school system.