Friday, June 19, 2009

Yes MA'AM!

This is nothing short of liberal elitist garbage! Does she know how hard WE work to make ends meet?? Today is "Tax Freedom Day", the rest of the money you make this year is yours, does she know this??
Does she know how hard we work to raise a moral family in this secular humanist environment??
I will never refer to this woman as "senator" ever, ever again.

The NERVE, the MENTALITY! This woman is looking down her nose at ALL OF US, she thinks she is royalty, and she's going to make sure this BRIGADIER GENERAL doesn't forget it!
I am so angry right now, I could spit nails. How DARE she?

Today is my 28th anniversary; I'm going away. I need to go away, I might break something; I won't throw things around in a hotel room :D


jenheadjen said...

My husband and I were just talking about this tonight. I suggested, "Perhaps it's the feminist in her... maybe we should call her 'sir'?" Dan agreed. You're right - Senator doesn't cut it.

Jeannetta said...

LOL, so right! [snicker]

Ritsumei said...

I guess "ma'am" wasn't polite enough...

Jeannetta said...

You know, these military guys are trained to be polite. He most likley thought that Ma'am WAS the very best compliment/courtesy he could pay.
She is a bad word ;)

Kristin B. said...

I have been trying to remember your flickr name. It was a long time that I was not on there. When I got on your blog I remembered the many things you love.