Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Here is an interesting article on FoxNews tonight:
Critic Says Islamic Extremism Gets Whitewashed in American Textbooks

Now I have huge issues with the Public School system, so we homeschool; this is one reason why.
Part way down the article is this quote:
Khan said when it comes to teaching about Islam, "I think the more important issue is American values of tolerance, respect and mutual understanding," which can best be imparted with accurate information about the religion.

I'm sorry, did he just say that our tolerance, respect and "mutual understanding" is more important than the safety of my family and all the families of America??? Because I'm pretty sure that's what he wants us to get from his comments.
I KNOW that all Muslims are not created equal, but it's imperative that we teach about both sides of Islam.
I'm NOT GOING TO BE TOLERANT of terrorists, The End! I'm not going to try to UNDERSTAND them, or be their friend!

We have been politically correct for far too long. Multiculturalism is what got us into this in the beginning.
America is and always has been the "Melting Pot" of the world. I'm fine with that, my Great Grandmother immigrated to America from Austria when she was three years old. I have other family that came from Scotland. I'm good with legal immigration. What I'm not good with is people coming here, not learning the language, not trying to BE Americans.

OK, so that's a tad off subject. But just a tad, because trying to get along with everyone, trying to play nice all the time, trying to make everyone like us is part of the problem.
We have to help our children understand that there are people who want to kill us just because we are free; just because we are prosperous; just because we are a largely Christian nation.
Tolerance, respect and understanding will only get us killed with these wackos. Really.
Do you suppose that the grocers, the gas station attendants, and the flight instructors, were nice, tolerant, respectful and possibly understanding of language barriers to any of the 19 terrorists who flew planes into our buildings?
Bombed our Naval ship, or our World Trade Center? Don't you imagine that people were NICE to them in the daily course of their lives? I do, and where did it get us?

We have to teach tolerance yes, but let's do it with an eye to common sense. Our citizens need to understand the danger is real, and our children need it as well. We can't allow them to grow up in this saccharine society.
Teach them about Islam if you WANT to, but teach them about RADICAL Islam because you must.

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