Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wasted Opportunities

I've been thinking lately of wasted opportunities. I've been so "busy" this late summer and fall, that I let the blackberries go to waste. This tasty, juicy gift from God wasted. Gone.
What else have I wasted as I've been so "busy"? And when I say "busy", it truly hasn't been anything of major importance. I haven't cured cancer or found a new answer to any of life's pressing questions. I've just existed.
Have I wasted my time with my family? Have I wasted my life pursuing unimportant things?
I've come to realize that my family means more to me than anything, and that I need to focus more fully on them. Laugh and Live more with them, not around them. Interact more. Talk more. Spend more "Fun" time. Let go of some of the things that are distracting me from my eternal goal of having an Eternal Family.
An Apostle of the Lord recently spoke on "Good, Better and Best". I am vowing now to work at choosing the best, and not let these wonderful family ties take second seat.


Live well, Laugh often, Love much ~Maria said...

You'll never regret it! Noone ever lies on their death beds saying "I think I spent too much time with my family." (I've been there...I know.) :)

I enjoyed your thoughts. It made me take a moment to analyze my priorities and where everything pretty much falls in to place.

Our challenge is to be sure that none of our children ever feel like those blackberries on your bush. We can do it!

Audra MacKenzie said...

Here here!!!

Audra MacKenzie said...

BUSY - Being Under Satan's Yoke!